Aftermarket Services

Slip Seal Repair

One of the most critical components of a double block and bleed valve are the rubber seals, that are bonded or vulcanized to each seating slip. Slip seal failures can result in a costly trans mix or contamination of different products. The rubber to metal bonding process is very complex and is usually outsourced by our competitors. 

Western Valve manufactures and repairs slip seals entirely in-house, using the best quality tooling, slip molds, presses, material and work practices to insure sealing integrity and maximum service life.

Our process includes removal of any contaminates such as rust or machine oils by sand blasting; the surface to be bonded is painted with a primer and adhesive application; the appropriate elastomer is milled and cut into strips to fit the custom mold and slip size, then both are loaded into a heated hydraulic press where both temperature and pressure are critical to a high integrity seal being created. 

Valve Repair In Action

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