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Superior Engineering

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Hand Wheel

Cam Shaft

One Piece camshaft – precision machined from 4140 and heat treated for

Manual Body Bleed Valve

Used to verify seal integrity when the valve is closed.

Differential Thermal Relief (DTR)

Automatically relieves pressure from the body cavity caused by solar or ambient temperature changes.

Valve Body

ASTM A-216 WCC carbon steel body with chrome plated seating areas. Larger sizes include cast support ribs for increased strength.

Bonnet and Lower Plate

Sizes 3” through 24” slips can be removed through top or bottom of valve.

Solid Carbon Steel Plug with Integral Upper and Lower Trunnions

Solid one-piece plug features large diameter trunnions integral to the plug for superior strength. These large trunnions are fully extended and supported by bonnet and lower plate bushings to eliminate ex under full line pressure.


Precision Ni-resist bushings are installed in both bonnet and lower plate. These bushings provide two essential functions: hold and support plug trunnion “on center” and extend the life of the valve by reducing wear.

Seating Slips

Western Valve’s in house bonding facility incorporates proven technology and procedures to ensure quality bonds for slip bonding. This key process is critical to insuring quality bonds in the key component known as the “heart of the valve”. The technology and procedures used result in years of reliable slip performance.


Graphite High Cycle Stem Packing.

Packing Gland

Packing gland utilizes ID and OD o-ring seals along with Graphite Stem Packing to exceed fugitive emission and fire safe standards.

Cam Follower Assembly

Made from high strength materials and machined to close tolerances, precision ground, and hardened for years of trouble free operation.

Indicator Flag

Position indicator assembly includes a SST shaft and nylon 66 flag.

Motor Operator Adapter Flange

Adapter Flange for easy motor operator installation.


Precision Ni-resist bushings are installed in both bonnet and lower plate. These bushings provide two essential functions: hold and support plug trunnion “on center” and extend the life of the valve by reducing wear.

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How It Works

Open: In the fully open position, the tapered plug is lifted all the way up. The slips are held to the plug via dovetails. Slips are fully retracted away from the valve body. In addition, the slips are protected from the flow.

Closing/Rotating: Turning the handwheel clockwise begins to rotate the plug/slip assembly 90 degrees. During this rotation, slips maintain clearance from the body, therefore eliminating scoring/rubbing against the body during the full 90 degree rotation. During valve operation, the plug/slip assembly is held securely on centerline of the body by the use of large diameter upper and lower plug trunnions along with bushings installed in the bonnet and lower plate.

Expanding: The plug/slip assembly has rotated 90 degrees and as the tapered plug begins to move downward, an expanding/wedging action begins to force the slips against the body seating area.

Fully Closed : When the valve is fully closed and the slips are fully seated, the slip seal compresses into “as molded grooves” to provide a 100% variable Double Block and Bleed shutoff as well as secondary metal to metal firesafe seal for both upstream and downstream closure. The valve is bidirectional and does not rely on springs or flow for shutoff.


Why It’s Better

Superior Engineering: Designed as an improved version of the General Twin Seal Valve, the engineered valve was created to improve the integrity for double block and bleed valve applications.

Longer Life and Less Maintenance: Greater slip retraction from body prior to rotation resulting in longer life and less maintenance.

Superior Strength: Designed to have greater strength in lift and turn operation.

Option for Top Mounted Actuator: Allows for faster operation and reduced cost. (Sizes 2”-12”)

100% Made in the USA: Many of our competitors buy their castings outside the USA and still claim their valve is made here. That is not the case with us. All our castings are supplied from North American foundries and all parts are machined and assembled at our facility in Bakersfield CA.



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